What is short term office space?

What is short term office space?

Short term office space is a temporary space for business who need for a short period of time to conduct business. Short term office space includes meeting rooms, training rooms, event spaces and hot desks. Businesses hire short term space for employees to perform their work duties.

What is short term office space

What are the benefits of short term office space?

  • Reduced overhead cost: By renting a short term office space, there’s no need to shell out monthly or yearly rent payments or mortgages. You don’t have to pay for equipment, furniture, and cleaning that comes with having to maintain your own office.
  • No long term obligation: There’s no long term commitment involved with short term office spaces. No need for contracts or lock-in periods. You’re not obligated to pay for a space the whole day when you just need it for two hours.
  • Flexible working arrangements: Temporary professional spaces can be booked on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Plus, you only pay for the time that you’re using the space.
  • Complete office perks: More often than not, short term office spaces have the basic equipment needed to run an office.  From printers to high-speed internet, the equipment often comes with the booking so there’s no need to pay extra to avail of them.

Who can benefit from using a short term office space?

  • Remote Workers who are tired of working from home and would like a change or would like to avail of the networking opportunities that coworking spaces provide.
  • Entrepreneurs who need a meeting room for client presentations or require a working space with printing capabilities.
  • Startups who need a training room for their remote employees or need an office they can book temporarily.
  • Companies that need an offsite meeting room or have offices that are currently being renovated.
  • A short term office space is the ideal solution when you need an office space but can’t afford one.


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